E-Marketing Professional (EMP) Certificate course


E-Marketing Professional Certificate

The E-Marketing Professional (EMP) certificate programme provides a world-class digital strategy qualification that is geared to help you deal with the business challenges of today. The EMP certificate programme gives you the most comprehensive and integrated digital skills, methodologies and strategic know-how, and leaves you with the motivation – and the ability – to change your world.

The E-Marketing Professional (EMP) certificate programme provides a comprehensive digital strategy qualification that is geared to deal with the business challenges of today. The EMP certificate programme gives you the most comprehensive and integrated digital skills, methodologies and strategic know-how, and leaves you with the motivation – and ability – to change your world.

Why get the E-Marketing Professional (EMP) Certificate?

If you want to succeed in business or in marketing today, you’d better be highly proficient digitally. You have to be able to do a lot more than simply build an email list or create a branded Page on Facebook. You must have the ability to craft the digital strategies that will take your business to the next level in competitiveness. You need to understand how your customers use technology to form opinions and make decisions. And you have to be able to architect your business models, your marketing strategies, and your communication tactics so that your brand becomes your customer’s obvious choice.


Other courses or tutorials stop at teaching the mechanics of various digital tools. The EMP certificate programme goes well beyond this, focusing on big-picture strategic commercial performance as well. As an EMP graduate you have the skills and stature to set direction, lead digital change initiatives, and apply proven methodologies to achieve maximum competitive success.

As an EMP learner, you are exposed to the wisdom and experience of faculty members of stature who have worked with the web since it began, have succeeded in corporate and entrepreneurial roles, are currently engaged in major digital strategy projects, and who are internationally acknowledged thought leaders in their field.

Whether you are a fast-track corporate career executive or an ambitious entrepreneur, you need to know your digital stuff, and have credible qualifications that help you stay ahead of the game. The EMP programme gives you both a respected certificate that puts you on the short list for any promotion or recruitment, and a wealth of leading-edge knowledge, methodologies and skills for brilliant online business success.

Download the EMP info sheet.

What the EMP Certificate means

Holding a Britefire EMP certificate sets you apart from the pack and benefits you enormously. You will earn these qualifications through rigorous training via the continuously updated E-marketing Professional curriculum. You will also be tested and asked to demonstrate proof of real-world application of the skills and concepts learned. Our certification is awarded worldwide. Anyone certified through this programme will have the most up-to-date insights and skills in the field and be competent to lead digital business and
e-marketing initiatives at a high level of innovative expertise – anywhere in the world.

Graduates of the EMP programme will receive:

  • an EMP certificate, and individual certificates of attendance
  • a digital badge that verifies their qualification and notifies anyone who clicks on it of the courses the candidate completed.
  • an invitation to join the exclusive E-Marketing Elite social network
The Process

Your eligibility for the certificate is determined against a thorough, detailed schedule of required knowledge and skills and is evaluated through a combination of course participation, testing, and real-world practical application.

To become certified you must:



Participate in four of the core training courses from the core EMP curriculum (add the VivaLDI: Project Management for
Leading Digital Initiatives Course for EMP GOLD).

You take the courses as your time and the training schedule allows, within 10 months.



Pass an online exam that tests your knowledge and ability in key areas of e-marketing and digital business strategy.

Note that the exam is based on the current state of the art, not only on the content of the courses in which you participated.



Demonstrate a practical ability to apply your professional knowledge in relevant real-world digital business initiatives.

Your ability to apply what you have learned will be assessed through a documented case study of an e-marketing initiative. This is a structured exercise designed to demonstrate the depth of your understanding, and your ability to apply the tools and principles.

Steps 2 and 3 must be completed within 3 months of attending your last EMP course.

The Details

You are required to attend all the courses within 10 months of commencement, and to complete your certification within 3 months of attending your last EMP course. It is in your interests to complete the certificate as rapidly as possible.

The fee for the exam and practical assessment is packaged into the certification cost. If you do not pass on the first attempt, you may retake the exam or assessment without incurring a second fee.

Who Should Enroll

The EMP programme is a must for:

  • Marketing strategists and analysts
  • Entrepreneurs and business developers
  • Marketing executives, product and brand managers
  • Advertising, PR and marketing services, agency executives
  • Website and mobile application developers, information
  • Architects, content writers and creative personnel
  • Media executives with digital responsibilities
  • Those looking to move up the corporate ladder
  • Those who want to build their CV and resumé

In fact, if you make tactical or strategic business or marketing decisions about online initiatives, or interact with those who do, we recommend the EMP, or at least attending individual courses.


Each core curriculum course is one day or two days. Specialist courses are three days. Depending on the available schedule and locations, you may be able to take courses back to back in a week, or alternatively spread them over the available period. The exam and practical must be completed within 3 months of participation in the last EMP course.



In Cape Town, Sea Point or Waterfront area hotels

In Johannesburg, Sandton, Fourways or Midrand hotels

We do make courses available in other locations if demand is sufficient, including Pretoria and Durban.

IN-HOUSE TRAINING: We also provide our courses to companies as in-house training, and will design a customised course or curriculum for your specific needs.


Course legs typically run every quarter in both Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Our website is kept up to date with the individual course schedule available.

What is covered?

The curriculum is designed to get you to a level of digital expertise where you will stand out and excel as an E-Marketing Professional (EMP). Britefire courses are dynamic and interactive. We encourage sharing and lively group discussions. The courses are packed with relevant examples, powerful case studies, proven methodologies and practical exercises which can be tailored to the interests of the groups

E-marketing is a complex emerging field at the intersection of multiple disciplines, knowledge areas, and skills. It evolves rapidly and disruptively, so Britefire’s world-class training courses are continuously updated, practical, and forward-looking.

If you have earned Britefire’s E-Marketing Professional certificate, you know you are ahead of the pack, your employers know it, and so do your clients.

A Britefire certified E-Marketing Professional has been:

  • rigorously trained in a deep and demanding curriculum,
  • thoroughly tested on that curriculum, and found competent
  • assessed in his/her ability to leverage the learning in real-world applications

Levels of Certification

There are two levels of certification:

E-Marketing Professional (EMP)

Four 1-day or 2-day courses

Essential Core curriculum course:

Gambit: The Digital Strategy course (1 day)

Elective Core curriculum courses (pick three):

Hana Hana: The Social Media Marketing Course (1 day)
ProFound: The Search Marketing Course (1 day)
Finesse: The Usability and User Experience Course (2 days)
Balance: The Analytics Course for Digital Marketers (1 day)

Online Examination

Practical Assignment

You will submit an assignment which
demonstrates your ability to apply
your learning in the real world.

E-Marketing Professional Gold (EMP Gold) Certificate

Specialist course to earn an EMP Gold

A Gold Certificate adds to the scope of the regular EMP, conveying all of its competencies, plus additional expertise as listed below.

3-day specialist course:

VivaLDI: Project Management Course for Leading Digital


An E-Marketing Professional may upgrade
to a Gold Certificate.


The Digital Strategy Course

Every business today needs to have a digital strategy that typically extends beyond e-marketing. An integrated digital strategy ensures that the business stays ahead of competitors and remains customer-centric.

This course looks at the big picture, explains how the digital landscape is evolving, and explores what shifts in customer communication and decision-making processes mean for the evolution of the business and its marketing.

You’ll learn an eight step methodology for cutting through the chaos of the digital revolution and building clearly focused, measurable strategies for success. You’ll learn how to integrate all of the different elements of e-marketing into a balanced, prioritised and achievable approach, and you’ll discover how best to structure your organisation to exploit the right digital opportunities.

You will leave equipped with an arsenal of strategic methodologies and best practices, inspiring examples, and guidelines for staying ahead of the curve.

You will take away a brilliant workbook to guide you through development of your own digital strategy!

Not yet ready to take the full EMP curriculum? Take this course on its own. Get the course info sheet and registration form.

  • Structure an innovative digital business strategy
  • Overcome corporate culture barriers
  • Use core digital marketing processes
  • Why digital, mobile and social are vital
  • Digital landscape evolution scenarios
  • Develop an integrated e-marketing strategy
  • Best practices of search engine marketing, email marketing, and online advertising & PR
  • Put together and implement your own digital business and e-marketing strategy.

"Comprehensive and accessible information. Generous with specific insights & recommendations. On trend & up to date. Valuable source of resources & ideas."

Michele Bovet

Hana Hana

The Social Media Strategy Course

Today the medium you have to master is the mobile networked consumer, but the size of your fan base is not a meaningful metric of success, and social media doesn’t work the way it is hyped.

This course brings clarity to socially networked communication and provides the strategic business framework for effectively integrating online word of mouth and reputation management into your digital initiatives.

You will gain hands-on insight into how best to leverage the major social tools such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest. You’ll learn strategies, tactics and methodologies (such as Britefire’s Social Media Lens). You’ll explore alternative approaches to structuring your organisation to best manage social engagement, and you’ll discover the best tools and techniques for measuring, reporting, and staying ahead of the curve.

Not yet ready to take the full EMP curriculum? Take this course on its own. Get the course info sheet and registration form.

  • Clarifies socially networked communication
  • Provides a strategic business framework
  • Hands-on insight into Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus, Pinterest, Foursquare and others
  • Strategies, tactics and methodologies for marketing, reputation management
  • Organisation structure
  • Managing social engagement
  • Tools and techniques for measuring and reporting

"It has helped me gain a far broader, far more complete and far more accurate picture of the evolving social media landscape - and exposed me to strategic ways of appreciating this landscape so that this knowledge can be kept up to date with new avenues of information. Highly informative & very enjoyable."

Nicholas Shepherd


The Search Marketing Course

Search Marketing, including SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay Per Click), is an essential activity in every business.

In this course, you’ll learn how to optimise your web pages for best search engine rankings using customer-centricity and usability as cornerstones of your digital presence. Eight out of ten online transactions begin with a Google search, so mastering what it takes to get in front of searchers is vital to every marketer.

You’ll also get hands-on with paid search advertising on Google and Bing, and explore how to maximize your pay per click return on your investment. You’ll learn how to measure and optimise campaigns, and how to architect productive paths to online conversion.

Not yet ready to take the full EMP curriculum? Take this course on its own. Get the course info sheet and registration form.

  • PPC (Pay Per Click)
  • How to get best search engine rankings
  • Customer-centricity and usability
  • Hands-on with paid search advertising on Google and Bing
  • Maximize pay per click ROI
  • How to measure campaigns
  • Productive paths to online conversion

"Learned about things you cant get off the internet. Extremely informative. I have learned more today than from any official google tutorials."

Bernard Hill


The Usability and User Experience Course

In websites, mobile and social environments, usability determines the success or failure of your digital presence. The father of usability, Jakob Nielsen, recently said of mobile apps that “the customer experience is your brand”. The importance of usability can no longer be ignored.

In this course you will learn the principles and best practices in usability that can ensure that your target market gets a compelling customer experience that will make them excited about your online presence.

You’ll learn how to write for digital media, how to benchmark the six key metrics of usability of your site (and your competitors’ sites). You’ll discover how to conduct the kind of practical usability testing that immediately helps you to improve user experience.

Not yet ready to take the full EMP curriculum? Take this course on its own. Get the course info sheet and registration form.

  • Improve usability in websites, mobile and social media
  • Practical usability testing
  • Ensure compelling customer experience
  • Principles and best practices
  • How to benchmark
  • Six key usability metrics
  • Writing for digital
  • Seven-step methodology for managing digital development

"The course is content and knowledge rich, being a self taught information architect I was so enlightened by all the really useful lessons I have learnt. It is definitely going to make a huge positive impact on my work performance!! I could have never really learnt all these lessons without the face to face facilitation that Karen gave us."



The Analytics Course for Digital Marketers

If you are a serious marketer, you make smart use of analytics to get the best performance out of your digital presence. You seek to better understand customers and their behaviour, to continuously improve their user experience, and to build deeper relationships with them. In this practical course you will learn the core concepts, tools, methodologies and practices of effective digital analytics, as well as a systematic approach to fine-tuning the impact of each touch-point along the customer’s online experience path. You will learn how to use the right metrics to boost conversion rates, and increase the cost effectiveness of all your digital activities.

This course provides guidelines for getting the resources you need, selecting the right tools and solutions, designing and selling an analytical digital strategy, and ensuring that information gets used appropriately.

You will discover which critical metrics can help you assess and improve online and offline campaigns, how to track the impact of banner ads, email marketing, Google AdWords, Facebook pay per click, SEO, and alternative online media placement options.

You will leave this course professionally equipped to make informed analysis-based decisions that will improve the business impact of all your digital activities.

Not yet ready to take the full EMP curriculum? Take this course on its own. Get the course info sheet and registration form.

  • Learn the essentials of statistical analysis
  • Identify the metrics most relevant to your business objectives
  • Get numbers to tell you a story
  • Select resources and tools to use for web analytics
  • Improve your site’s conversion rate
  • Identify best sources of site visitors
  • Make a successful business case for analytics investment
  • Put together your own analytical marketing strategy

"It provides a realistic overview of why Analytics is important and how to interpret & apply analytics data."

Carike Laroque


Project Management Course for Leading Digital Initiatives

Project Management disciplines and methodologies are vital to the success of any digital initiative.

These projects typically involve a team from multiple disciplines, frequently operating at a distance. The digital Project Manager has to have the skills to conduct this orchestra and lead the project to success.

VivaLDI is the digital PM course chosen by major organisations including Deloitte, Standard Bank, Unisa, and Aqua Online. The course teaches you how to become a strong leader of digital projects, explains core Project Management disciplines from the toolkits of PMI, Prince2 and Agile, and provides practical approaches to interpreting and applying them.

You get to spend 3 days with a PM who has led international award-winning digital projects, from as large as Intel's technical site and Marriott's global e-commerce presence (which pulls in over $24 million every day), to mobile apps for You Magazine and Nimue Skincare International, to websites, e-learning ecosystems, and social media platforms for startup businesses.

You will learn powerful methodologies and how to apply them to various digital initiatives, whether you are building an e-commerce site, a mobile app, or a YouTube channel.

What you learn in this remarkable course will help you bring the most complex digital projects in on time, in budget and to specification.

You’ll leave the course with valuable documentation and a disc of planning and management templates to use in your projects.

Take this course on its own, or add it to the core EMP curriculum to earn the EMP Gold Certificate. Or put your team through it in-house. Get the detailed course info sheet and registration form.

  • Manage digital projects with success.
  • Core PM principles from PMI, Prince2 and Agile.
  • Digital Project Methodology – the 7-Step approach.
  • Leadership, management, teamwork and communication.
  • Valuable documentation and templates.
  • PM tools and practical approaches applying them.
  • The smart way to use MS Project.

"I have never come across such a brilliant course presenter. I've learnt so much!"

P Scott

"It was very insightful and was very applicable to me in my day to day role & responsibilty at work. There was a lot that I didn’t know & it has helped me become aware of areas to be more focussed on when I am running my various campaigns/projects."

Kate Jackson

"I believe this has changed the course of my career."

Andile Cele

Course Fees

E-Marketing Professional Certificate:

R9,950 incl. VAT


  • Four curriculum courses
  • Examination
  • Assessment fee
  • Lunch, refreshments
  • Course materials
  • Certificates
  • Access to the E-Marketing Elite Network

E-Marketing Professional Gold Certificate:

R14,950 incl. VAT


Everything included in the EMP

PLUS 3-day specialist course:

VivaLDI: Project Management Course for

Leading Digital Initiatives

The above fees apply only if you register for the relevant certification package in its entirety. Fees are subject to change without notice.

Individual course fees are:

Core curriculum courses (1-day / 2-days):
R2,600 / R4,700 incl. VAT
Specialist VivaLDI: Project Management for Leading Digital Initiatives course (3-days):
R6,700 incl. VAT
Boot Camps can be attended as add-ons at a discounted rate (half-day / 1-day):
R1,500 / R2,600 incl. VAT
Examination and assessment fee:
R595 incl. VAT


Godfrey Parkin

The curriculum is led by Godfrey Parkin, author of the best-selling books "Doing Business Digitally" and "Digital Marketing: Strategies for Online Success". He is a twenty five year veteran of the European and US digital industries, and ran the global business services operation of international market research giant AC Nielsen for many years before that. He has taught strategy, innovation, analytical marketing, social media and e-marketing in more than three dozen countries.

Godfrey has founded successful internet-based businesses in Zurich, London and Washington DC. In the 1990’s he created E-biz Insights, North America’s best-selling enterprise-wide e-learning programme, and built the largest Project Management e-learning company in the US.

He is on the faculty of University of Stellenbosch Business School – Executive Development (USB-ED), where he leads programmes in Developing Web Marketing Strategies, and Marketing Wine Online. He also runs the Social Media Bootcamp for the DMA. Godfrey is a regular member of the judging panel for Brandon Hall’s annual International Learning Excellence Awards and Technology Excellence Awards, and he moderates the E-learning Network of the American Society for Training and Development.

Godfrey has advised many global organisations including American Express, Honda, Nestle, Cisco Systems, Credit Suisse and the Georgia Institute of Technology. His South African digital strategy clients include The Foschini Group companies, Eskom, Clicks, Media 24, Wesbank and McCann Worldgroup.

He is a popular speaker at conferences around the world.

Karen Parkin

Karen Parkin is a twenty five year veteran of the digital space, with an extensive international track record. She is an outstanding leader with an enviable depth of experience in Information Technology, advertising, digital media, user experience and web development.

At Dow Chemical’s European headquarters she led the European IT initiative for Total Quality Management and established the company’s first Service Centre. At the BBC she managed the Digital Archive Project which preserved the organisation’s archives and made them available to programme makers via web technologies. In the US, she led the complete restructuring and redesign of Intel’s massive website. She led award-winning projects for Lockheed Martin and The Humane Society of the US. At Marriott International she took the hotel giant’s website to an award-winning global digital presence for 2,800 hotels in 20 countries and 9 languages – the site now takes over $24 million a day in online hotel reservations, making it the sixth largest e-commerce site on the planet.

Karen has co-founded two start-up companies: Pepper’s Ghost Productions, a real time 3D animation, computer games and virtual worlds company; and Britefire, the digital strategy, consulting and training company.

Karen is a recognized guru in e-marketing, internationalisation, localisation, usability, information architecture and digital Project Management.

Locally her clients include GCIS, Standard Bank, Aqua Online, UNISA, Van Schaik, the Orion Group, and Media 24.





(You may also select/deselect any courses without taking an EMP Certificate).

Please register me for the following certificate:

 E-Marketing Professional Certificate (R 9 950 incl VAT) (4 core courses)

 E-Marketing Professional Gold Certificate (R14 950 incl VAT) (4 core courses + VivaLDI:PM)

Core courses – I elect to take the following 4 core courses to achieve the EMP

If you are net yet certain of the location and date of your courses, you can leave it blank.

Gambit is a required Certification course. Deselect it if you are taking courses only and not registering for certification.


The Digital Strategy Course

Required: Core EMP course.


The Analytics Course


The Digital Usability Course

Hana Hana

The Social Media Marketing course


The Search Marketing Course

Content Marketing Boot Camp

Non-core 1-day workshop for bloggers, community managers

Specialist courses – I elect to take the following specialist course to achieve the EMP GOLD:

If you are net yet certain of the location and date of your courses, you can leave it blank.


Project Management for Leading Digital Initiatives


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Western Cape, South Africa
Tel: 021-794-7838
Fax: 086-693-3575

Email: info@britefire.com
Website: www.britefire.co.za

Download the EMP info sheet.

Who is Britefire?

Britefire is a digital business strategy company. We take our clients’ performance to the next level through consulting, implementation, Project Management and executive development.

Our decades of world-wide digital marketing experience, coupled with our robust methodologies for business strategy, innovation, UX and social media, empower our clients to grow brands locally and globally. Our consultants have led award-winning online projects in the US and Europe – and you get to learn directly from them!

  Brilliant instructors: Learn directly from experienced global professionals
  Robust methodologies: Distilled from award-winning experience
  Comprehensive content: Always relevant and current
  Strategic focus: Innovative, practical and commercial

The E-Marketing Professional (EMP) Certificate shares our wealth of experience, insight and expertise. You get to spend productive time with renowned global professionals, and learn practical leading-edge approaches to strategic digital success. Britefire’s course content is relevant and always current, the learning methods used are world-class, and the exposure you get to hugely experienced facilitators is priceless.

We lead the USB-ED programme in Digital Strategy. We also head the E-learning forum of the American Society for Training and Development, and run the Digital Media Master Class and the Social Media Boot Camp for DMASA.

Global organisations that have benefited from our expertise include Credit Suisse, IBM, Marriott International, Honda, Cisco Systems, Intel, American Express, and Georgia Tech.

In South Africa, our clients include FNB, UNISA, GCIS, Standard Bank, The Foschini Group, Eskom, Clicks, Deloitte, Aqua Online, University of Stellenbosch Business School, Makro, Penguin Random House, Exclusive Books, MWEB, FinWeek, Distell, WesBank, Media 24, The Orion Group, Volcano, SA Tourism, Jupiter Drawing Room, and McCann Worldgroup.